TechKISS Media Pack

Media articles for dairy farmers

The TechKISS project

TechKISS is a NSW Dairy Industry Fund project. It shares the experience NSW farmers and service providers have with cow management technologies so others can ‘make it work for my farm’.

Resources for farmers

Tips and traps for ‘making technology work’ are summarised in the media articles below. Farmers wanting more content can go to the TechKISS videos and Topic sheets.

How to use the pack

A short description of the project in the article ‘TechKISS resources now available‘ can be used with any of the other articles  for context. For more information contact Pauline Brightling on 0419 336 211.

TechKISS resources now available

A brief description of the project and the resources that have been created.

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Getting Electronic Cow ID working for your farm

All technology for individual cow management uses Electronic Cow Identification – and it needs to be working. 

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Auto-drafting – a good place to start

Auto-drafting saves time and labour, and many farmers see it as a ‘must’ to get good value from their tech investment.

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Cows with fitbits – choosing and using activity meters

One quarter of dairy farms in NSW are using activity meters and half of these had bought them in the last 2 years. Here’s why.

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Custom-feed cows with computerised bail feeding

Feeding is one of the main costs of production for dairy herds. Being able to customise the feed to an indiviudal’s needd helps control costs.

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Making in-line milk meters work well for you

As well as measuring milk yield, half of the in-line meters on dairy farms in NSW measure indicators for mastitis. But it’s important to have processes in place to get the most from this technology.

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