The Vet Group Foundation Year Training

Above: Interactions are structured to encourage new employees to become comfortable with how things are done (Image: Zoe Vogels)

Fast Facts


Client: The Vet Group
Location: Western Victoria
When: 2014

Responsibilities: Help design an ‘induction process on steroids’

Project description

The need:  The Vet Group’s Foundation Year is an ‘induction program on steroids’. It helps new veterinary graduates starting their professional employment to work proficiently and safely as part of The Vet Group.

What we did:  The Harris Park Group helped The Vet Group develop and pilot an effective Foundation Year training program and document the process so it could be repeated (‘Go Again’) with each new graduate. It was rewarding to see new graduates, and their employers, grow in confidence over the 12 months as a result of this structured mentoring and support.

Further Reading

Client report is not in public domain