Sheepmeat Industry Leadership Strategy

Above: Our approach to building the strategy options (Image: Harris Park Group)

Fast Facts


Client: Sheepmeat Council of Australia
Location: Canberra & Melbourne
When: 2015

Responsibilities: Create a high-level strategy for developing leadership capacity in the sheepmeat industry

Project description

The need: The Sheepmeat Council of Australia received three years of funding from Meat and Livestock Australia to build leadership capacity in the sheepmeat industry. To ensure this was done to best effect, the Project Steering Committee wanted a strategy that clearly identified the capacity building priorities from 2016 to 2020.

What we did: The Harris Park Group helped the SCA articulate the strategic objectives and priorities of a high level industry strategy. The approach we used is shown in the diagram above. The highlights for us were:

  • Mapping the producer roles required to achieve a vibrant and sustainable sheepmeat industry
  • Identifying opportunities to really make a difference for time-strapped leaders by matching processes to their needs.

Further Reading

Client report is not in public domain