Above: Sharing the collective wisdom of farmers and service providers on getting technology to work for your farm

Fast Facts

Client: NSW Dairy Industry Fund
Location: Sydney
When: 2018 & 2019

Responsibilities: Create resources to help farmers ‘get what they want’ from technologies for cow management

Project description

The need:  In the last decade many dairy farms have installed a range of commercially available technologies help automate tasks on farm and get information to enhance management. The idea behind the TechKISS project was to identify, and share, key elements for successful technology use for individual cow management; with a focus on auto-drafting, computerised bail feeding, in-line milk metering, and activity meters..

What we did

The Harris Park Group interviewed 141 dairy farmers, 20 tech suppliers & 35 advisers to get the collective wisdom around the technology. This information was used to create:

  • The TechMatrix, the first independent list of the technologies commercially available in Australia; and
  • Short videos and Topic sheets for each of the technologies, featuring tips and traps around having it work on farm.

Further Reading