Pre-milking Hygiene Research

Above: On-farm research investigating the value of pre-milking hygiene

Fast Facts


Client: Gardiner Foundation
Location: Victoria
When: 2011-2014

Responsibilities: Explore the effect of pre-milking hygiene on mastitis in early lactation

Project description

The need: The Australian system of dairy farming uses a minimalist approach to pre-milking teat preparation. This study determined how washing, disinfecting and drying teats before teat-cups are attached affects the level of mastitis in the herd in the first 3 months of lactation.

What we did: The Harris Park Group was contractually responsible for this Gardiner Foundation research project. The project team conducting the field work and analysis included Drs John Penry (Project Leader), Jakob Malmo, John Morton and Professor Graeme Mein. Findings from the study supported maintaining the status quo UNLESS in circumstances where the risk of mastitis due to environmental pathogens was high (such as heavily soiled teats or poor teat-end condition).