Leasing Dairy Assets Resource Pack

Above: The pack contains tools for assessing and establishing lease agreements for dairy farms

Fast Facts


Client: Dairy Australia
Location: Melbourne
When: 2015-2016

Responsibilities: To develop a tool that provides the principles and details of leasing arrangements for farms, cows and equipment

Project description

The need: Leasing property, equipment &/or cows can be a way of expanding a dairy enterprise without having to borrow heavily, investing in the capital growth of agricultural land, or stepping out of active farming without selling the property. For lease arrangements to be successful, both the Lessor and Lessee must have an appreciation of each other’s position and be very clear about what to expect from the other over the period of the lease.

What we did: The Harris Park Group developed the Leasing Dairy Assets Resource Pack with a Dairy Moving Forward Working Group of farmers, advisers, corporate lessors and a solicitor. The pack provides the tools and template agreements to use as a starting point when dairy lease agreements are being considered.

Further Reading

Leasing Dairy Assets Resource Pack 2016

The resource pack is part of Dairy Australia’s Planning for the Future module