In2Dairy for Assistant Farmhands

Above: The brochure advertising a new pathway into employment in the dairy industry

Fast Facts


Client: Victorian Government (DIIRD), Helen MacPherson Trust Fund, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Dairy Australia
Location: Western Victoria
When: 2010-2012

Responsibilities: To pilot a new employment pathway into dairy for assistant farmhands

Project description

The need:  This research examined what was needed to sustain a rural employment pathway, using the development of an employment pathway into dairy for disadvantaged jobseekers (In2Dairy) as a case study. Having an entry-level pathway to a career in dairy has long-term benefits for jobseekers, dairy farmers and their local community.

What we did:  In2Dairy was a joint action between several stakeholders: WestVic Dairy, WestVic Staffing Solutions, National Centre for Dairy Education Australia, the Brotherhood of St Laurence and Jobs Services Australia. The Harris Park Group facilitated this collaboration. Working together enabled gaps in support to be identified and the necessary resources to be rallied; the end result being more integrated and coordinated services, and community capacity building. The ability to meet regularly, discuss issues honestly and have flexibility in the approach (while keeping the goals and principles ‘front of mind’) were identified as critical for success.

More than 16 disadvantaged unemployed jobseekers were successfully placed in 16 weeks employment between May 2011 and May 2012, meeting the conditions for the DIIRD funding.

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