Design of Dairy Australia’s ESKi

Above: ESKi seminar held by TasTafe in 2014 (Photo: Circular Head Chronicle)

Fast Facts


Client: Dairy Australia
Location: National, coordinated from Melbourne
When: 2013

Responsibilities: To produce an HR ‘starter kit’ for dairy farmers that helps them be good employers as well as comply with the legislated requirements

Project description

The need:  The proportion of Australian dairy farms that employ people other than family has steadily increased since the 1990s. Having dairy farmers able and confident to manage industrial relations and other legal requirements relating to employment is an industry priority. In 2013, Dairy Australia contracted the Harris Park Group to develop an Employment Starter Kit for dairy farmers.

What we did:  The Harris Park Group designed the ESKi for Dairy Australia in 2013, drawing on the Human Resource and finance expertise of one of our team members, Helen Pitman. The kit is available in hard copy and also on Dairy Australia’s The People in Dairy website.

Further Reading

Click here to go to Dairy Australia’s ESKi resource page (maintained by Dairy Australia since 2013)